Best Betting Tips for Sports Betting

When Betflix789 you want to bet on sports you will be interested in the best betting tips we are going to give you now. Sports betting is fun and it is exciting. Betting on sports makes watching sports a lot more fun and it gives an extra thrill. You can bet on your favourite team or favourite players. Or you can bet against your favourite team. When your team wins you are happy and when they lose you win some money. With our betting tips for sports you can increase your winning chances but we can’t guarantee you winnings.

1. Only bet on single matches or events
This first tip is one that you don’t see very often. Most players who bet on sports bet on multiple games or events in one bet. We recommend every player to bet on single events. the more bets you add to a bet the lower the chance you win that bet. Of course you can win more when you add more bets to a bet. But it is harder to win the bet because you have more chances of losing the total bet. Let me give you an example.

You want to bet on the following games:

Ajax – PSV – odds 2,20
Arsenal – Chelsea – odds 2,10
Barcelona – Real Madrid – odds 2,20

When you add Ajax, Arsenal and Barcelona to one bet your odds are 2,20 x 2,10 x 2,20 = 10.164. So you can win 10.164 times your bet amount. But when one of the 3 teams doesn’t win you don’t win the bet. In every game you have 1 out of 3 chance that you have the good winner (Win, Lose or Draw). And every prediction you add to this bet your winning chance decreases with 2/3th. So you have a 1/3 x 1/3 x 1/3 = 1/9 chance to win this bet.

We recommend you to bet on singles. When you bet on singles you have 33% chance of winning the bet. Your team can win, lose or draw. And when you choose a win you have 33% that your team will win. This chance is much higher then the chance you win a bet with more then one result.

2. Try a few simple bets first
We recommend new players to try a few simple bets first. When you open a free account at a sports betting website you will see thousands of betting options. On a simple football match there are over 100 betting options available. You can bet on results, goal scorers, cards, injuries and corners. But you can also predict how a game will go. You can bet on first goal scorer, number of corners and assists in one bet. When you are new to online betting we recommend you to choose a match you are going to watch. A match between teams you know something about. A bit of knowledge can help you increase your winning chances.

When you have chosen a game you like to bet on we recommend you to choose a simple bet first. Bet on who is going to win the game or on the team that is going to score first. You can also bet on the amount of goals you think the teams are going to score. Than bet on over/ under a certain amount of goals. These are relative simple bets and it is fun to place these bets when you are planning to watch the game.

After you placed a few simple bets you can continue with more difficult bets. First choose a few simple bets, win some money and get used to online betting. Learn how things work before you lose a lot of money on difficult bets.

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3. Follow tipster websites and tipsters on social media
On the internet you find a few interesting websites with betting tips. We are one of those websites. We give our visitors the best betting tips and predictions for major sport events. On our website you find betting tips for football, golf, tennis, darts, Formula 1, cycling and other events. We don’t add predictions for single football matches. For tips and predictions on football matches we refer you to other tipster websites. Or you can follow certain tipster websites on social media.

Tipster websites give you a lot of information on certain events. You can read background information and you can see if there are injuries or other criteria that can influence the result of the event. There are a few very good guys on social media that give very good betting tips. Simply follow them and increase your winning chances.

4. Place live bets while watching sports events
All reliable bookmakers and betting websites offer live betting. Live betting is very popular because you can bet on an event while watching that event. You can bet on stuff while watching a football match of your favourite team. Live betting is super fun and it makes watching the game more exciting. But best of all it can increase your winning chances because you are actually watching the game. When you watch a football game you see which team is better and when you watch a tennis or darts game you see which player is better. You can use this information at live betting. When a certain team or players is losing but they play better, you can still bet on it or him to win. You get interesting odds and with relative low stakes you can win an interesting amount of money.

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