Payment and Withdrawal options best sports betting websites Brazil

In Betflix789 Brazil Credit Card, VISA, Boleto Bancario and PayPal are the most popular payment methods. When you are living in Brazil and you want to play at a reliable bookmaker you need to check if the website offers these payment methods. Reputable Brazilian sports betting websites offer at least Credit Card, VISA, Bank Transfer and PayPal payments. The best sports betting Brazil websites also offer you Boleto Bancario. But there are only a few of them that offer you this local payment option. Credit Card is the most popular payment method for Brazilian players at sports betting websites. When you have a credit card you can make deposits and withdrawals at Brazilian sports betting websites.

When you play at reputable and reliable Brazilian casino websites or sports betting websites you are able to deposit and withdraw money easily. Payments and withdrawals with E-Wallets like Skrill and Moneybookers are the fastest. You can deposit money within a few seconds and you receive payments within a few hours. Payments with credit card are also transferred within a few seconds. A withdrawal with a credit card can take 1 to 5 business days. This is also the case when you want to withdraw your winnings to your bank account with bank transfer. It is smart to open a Skrill or Neteller account when you are living in Brazil.

Safe Sports betting in Brazil
The brazilian government isn’t giving away any licenses at the moment. That means that sports betting is not legalized. But the government “accepts” Brazilians to bet on sports on betting websites. They don’t give any fines to players or betting websites. The Brazilian gambling market is a grey market and that means there are unreliable betting websites around. The government doesn’t cover players when they need legal support or financial support. So it is very important to play at Safe sports betting websites when you are Brazilian. When you play at a reliable betting website you avoid financial risks. Reliable sports betting websites and the Best online casinos Brazil always pay you your money and they always take care of responsible gambling.

At reliable betting websites in Brazil you can set gambling limits. Gambling limits avoid irresponsible gambling and losing more money than you want or can lose. You can set your own deposit limits or time limits. And you can also set maximum bet limits or maximum bet amounts. Only safe sports betting websites offer this option. That is why we recommend you to play at the reliable betting websites on our website and don’t try any other unreliable ones.

How to check if a Brazilian sports betting website is legitimate?
There are no websites with a Sports betting license in Brazil. But still there are over 450 different betting websites that accept Brazilian players. Before you start playing at one of those betting websites it is important to check if the company is legitimate. But how can you check this when there are no licenses in Brazil? Here are a few easy ways how you can check if a Brazilian sports betting website is legitimate.

Check if the website owns an active gambling license. At the bottom of the website you always find the active licenses of a certain website. You can check them at the organisation that give away licenses to betting websites. The most reputable ones are the MGA (Maltese license), the UKGC (United Kingdom license) or the Curacao license. When a Brazilian website offers one of these licenses you can count on it that the site is legitimate
Language of the website: When a website is available in Portuguese it is legitimate for Brazilian players
Customer support desk: Is there a 24/7 customer support desk available? And is the customer support desk available in Portuguese for Brazilian players? When a website offers a 24/7 customer support desk the website is legitimate.
Check reviews on the internet: The best way to check the reliability of a sports betting website is reading reviews on the internet. Simply check a few websites like ours and read reviews of experts and players.

Future of sports betting in Brazil
The government doesn’t make any progress at the moment. But despite the lack of action from the government it looks like online gambling will expand further in the upcoming years. More and more people in Brazil are connected to the internet. And the majority of people living in Brazil now have a mobile phone with an internet connection. Wireless internet is getting better and better in the whole country. For Brazilians it is getting easier to bet on sports in the upcoming years. Betting companies see the potential in this market and they translate their websites in to Portuguese and they start hiring Portuguese speaking employees. And most reputable betting companies add the local currencies to their website. They try to make things interesting for Brazilian players and they make things more reachable for them.

E-Wallets and alternative payment options like PayPal and AstroPay make it hard for the Brazilian government to control online betting activity. I think it makes sense for the Brazilian government to look at legalization of the market. When they legalize the market they have more control over gambling activities. And they can give away licenses to reputable gambling companies. On top of that they can earn a share of the revenues of the players. When online gambling legalizes in Brazil the betting companies must pay local betting taxes. Brazil is a country with over 220 million inhabitants. And the expected market value is over $800.000.000 a year. with the revenues the goverment can setup local health care programs.

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