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Slot Machine Review: Knight Rider

There is a good possibility that you have heard of Knight Rider, even if you were not alive in the 1980s. Before David Hasselhoff was known for his beachfront sprints in bright red shorts, he was already a household name thanks to his classic TV program. Michael Knight and his talking automobile KITT were the stars of the 1980s television series Knight Rider. It seemed inevitable that a developer would buy the rights to the program now that it has achieved cult status. Here comes NetEnt. Does the company’s Knight Rider slot machine, one of just a handful based on TV shows, do the franchise justice? Let’s take a closer look and see.

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Concept Art for a Knight Rider Slot Machine Game

The theme and aesthetic of the Knight Rider slot machine are spot-on. The K.I.T.T. character makes a cameo appearance on the left side of the screen against a purple-lit road backdrop. The iconic theme song from the program plays in the background while the reels spin, adding to the sense of taking a journey down memory lane. In other cases, Hasselhoff even lends his own voice to the action for added impact.

Instructions for the Knight Rider Slot Machine

For the Knight Rider slot machine, NetEnt opted to keep things simple. There are five reels in all, with four rows on each reel. That means there will always be 26 ways to win in this game. The minimum wager each spin is $0.20, and the highest stake per spin is $40. The interface is straightforward, giving players quick access to the paytable and any other relevant details they might require. Of course, if you want to let the Hoff take control for a moment, you can use the Autospin feature, just as in the finest slot games.

Mobile Slot Playing: Knight Rider

Mobile play on the Knight Rider slot machine is a top priority. Although smartphones were still a futuristic idea in the ’80s, they’re prominently featured in the Knight Rider video game. It’s compatible with all major browsers and works great on Android and iOS devices. The Knight Rider mobile slot game is available at a wide variety of reputable online casinos, many of which include attractive welcome slot bonus packages for new players.

Features Exclusive to the Knight Rider Slot Machine

It’s clear that NetEnt wanted the Knight Rider slot to be more than simply another branded moneymaker. There are a lot of great elements in the game that will keep you interested. We’ll start with the multiplicative Wilds. If a Wild Symbol appears on reel 3, the Multiplier will be 3x; similarly, if it appears on reel 5, the Multiplier will be 2x; and so on. What’s more, when the Wild contributes to a winning combination, it transforms into a Walking Wild and advances one position to the right, so raising the Multiplier.

These Wilds are used in both the Main Game and the Free Spins Bonus. When three or more Scatters appear, players are awarded 10 free spins at the slot machine. Players may increase the “level” of their spins by collecting unique symbols during the round. Wilds, called laser Wilds for this round, and more spins are added to the reels whenever they progress through the levels.

Wilds might appear on the reels more frequently than usual during the standard game thanks to the turbo boost function.

How Much You Can Win on “Knight Rider” Slot and What Its Return to Player Rate Is

With a Return to Player percentage of 96.07%, the Knight Rider slot is about par for the course. The slot has a high volatility as shown by NetEnt’s rating, and the greatest win a player may get is 7,000x their investment.

Synopsis of Knight Rider Slot Game

Branded slots are hit or miss, but Knight Rider is definitely a hit. This slot game successfully combines a throwback motif with modern conveniences, making for a nostalgically enjoyable experience. Although the chances of winning aren’t particularly high, this is nevertheless a fun and beautiful slot machine. The 80s aesthetic and tone will appeal to fans of the series while also providing a good time for those who are unfamiliar with the IP. Playing this slot machine at one of the top online gambling sites is a must.

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